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Students Participate in Engineering Program at Newton's Attic

Posted On: Monday, November 23, 2015

On Friday, November 20th, forty CCMS and CCHS students in the Gifted & Talented Program visited Newton's Attic in Lexington and participated in an engineering educational program.  The program provided hands-on engagement with concepts such as force, motion, energy, acceleration, velocity, mechanical advantage, aerodynamics, simple machines, engineering skills, and tool use. Students rotated through several exciting stations, including G-Force, the Ballista, Catapult, and Rubber Band Crossbows.  Students had the opportunity to sling shot down a 125’ long track on a mini-roller coaster in the front lawn at Newton's Attic at the G-Force station.  The Ballista (aka The Pumpkin Chunker) is designed in the form of a medieval siege engine and can shoot a pumpkin over 400 feet.  Students built their own handheld wooden crossbows and tested their skills on targets at the Rubber Band Crossbows station.  Students also had the opportunity to design and build a table top size catapult or trebuchet. 


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