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Spring Noetic Learning Math Contest

Posted On: Friday, May 29, 2015

Noetic Learning Math Contest is a national mathematics contest for elementary and middle school students. The goal of the competition is to encourage students' interest in math, to develop their problem solving skills, and to inspire them to excel in math. More than 24,000 students representing 1,761 teams across the country took part in this spring’s contest. 

1st & 2nd Grade Participants

3rd Grade Participant

4th Grade Participants

5th Grade Participants

The following students received participation certificates.

1st Grade:  Addison Coop, Jed Groce, Kaeden Guffey, Warinner Guffey, Aubrie Messer, Maddox Moons, Zackary Poore, Addison Weston, & Carol Zheng.

2nd Grade:  Kade Beaty, Corinne Beaty, Koger Guffey, Tatum Harlan, Cameron Irwin, Valarie Latham, Cambria Moses, Nickolas Poore, Charla Shelley,  & Ella Rose Smith.

3rd Grade:  Tyler Guffey, Kendall Hay, & Emily Pittman.

4th Grade:  Samantha Criswell, Claire Guffey, Ben Leveridge, Evan Little, Loren Little, Sadie Moons, Thomas Oesterreicher, Malachi Upchurch,  &Adam Whittenburg.

5th Grade:  Evan Claborn, Makenzie Cope, Dane Harlan, Adam Hay, Jimmy Mazariegos, Moriah Moons, Jordan Mullins, Tommy Ridge, & Ben Tallent.

The following students were the team winners.

            Kade Beaty, Tyler Guffey, Samantha Criswell, & Tommy Ridge.

The following students received National Honorable Mention. This title is awarded to approximately the top 50% of participating mathletes.  Jed Groce, Kade Beaty Corinne Beaty, Koger Guffey, Tatum Harlan, Nickolas Poore, Samantha Criswell, Loren Little, Evan Claborn, Makenzie Cope, Dane Harlan, Jimmy Mazariegos, Moriah Moons, Ben Tallent, & Tommy Ridge.

Congratulations to all the winners! The contest results demonstrate our students’ great problem solving skills and math talents. They also show that our students can rise to the occasion and can meet the challenge.  More detailed information about the Noetic Learning Math Contest can be found at:

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