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AES 4th Graders Memorize the States in Song

AES 4th Graders Memorize the States in Song
Ammie Marcum

AES music teacher Mrs. Megan Rains challenged 4th graders to memorize all 50 states and recite them in a song.  Congratulations to 23 students for successfully completing this challenge! The following students were recognized on Friday, September 1st and sang the "Fifty States Song" for the school.

Delanie Hill, Rylee Barnes, Aleyna Ramirez, Kaylee Shelton, Angela Mendez, Mikayla Ramos, Piper Perrin, Adriana Pascual, Loreine Mielu, Cadha Hardin, Emery Browning, Josey Nelson, Abby Reneau, Lillie Conner, Jessica Shelton, Ava Craig, Tamberlyn Tuggle, Olivia Heist, Kate Moons, Audri Groce, Braylee Orton, Chloe Braswell, and Kenzlee Guffey.


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